Eternal Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Stars

This is my favorite Sailor Moon costume... (and Stars is my favorite season) I made my first anime version in July 2007, and then remade it again in July 2008 because there were some things I wasn't happy with. I had originally intended to remake it in the manga style, but then changed my mind at the last minute (I like the red on the anime fuku better than the pink of the manga). So, now that I sound pretty thoroughly insane, I should say I'm still not completely satisfied with this fuku.
I did make a silly eternal tier to go with this costume, however, I broke it while trying to get photos. It wasn't particularly accurate to the anime or the manga, and at this point I doubt I'll remake it- but I was happy with it at the time. It had a little light in the top of it so that the little gem in the lotus thing at the top lit up... which was pretty pointless, but it made me happy.

Click here for progress and convention photos of this costume.